BSI Garden Fete, New Delhi

The Bible Society of India (BSI) serves the Indian Church by translating the Bible in many Indian languages and distributing the Bibles across India. It’s a huge task and we are in need of friends who love the Bible and are deeply committed to the Bible cause. The BSI North West India Auxiliary conducts Garden Fete as a means to bring together friends who love the Bible. The Garden Fete has been happening year after year for the last 58 years and is one among the many important Christian gatherings in Delhi, which is the National Capital of India. This BSI event is also an occasion to support the ongoing Bible translations and Bible distribution.

This year, the BSI North West India Auxiliary conducted a Garden Fete on 13 Nov, 2016 in Delhi. It was a special celebration and a true expression of Christian ecumenism as the faithful from all Christian denominations came together to support the ministry of the BSI. This popularity of the Fete is a testimony to the reach and impact of the ministry of BSI. It also demonstrates the rootedness and the fruitfulness of our ministry of Scripture distribution. We congratulate Rev. Shirley and her team for their labour of love in organizing the Garden Fete which has strengthened the fellowship and commitment to the Bible cause.

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