Scriptures for comforting the Sick

If you go to CMC you will probably notice Scriptures placed in wards at strategic places. BSI has produced a range of Scriptures to meet the needs of the patients and distributes them to people who visit CMC. ‘Daddy, Where are you’,  ‘Fear Not’, ‘Assurance of God’s help’,  ‘Meditation in sick bed’, ‘ Answer to your problems’ etc have been greatly appreciated by the people who have received these portions.


Daniel Paul, BSI staff who works in the special audience department says, “The Scripture portions and tracts provide solace to people who are engulfed by hopelessness and helplessness”.

The Scripture distribution work in the Hospitals started in 2006 and has been a great blessing to many for the last 10 years. Every year we distribute around 500000 portions and tracts in the various hospitals we visit. Rev. Hafizur Rahaman Mondol, one of our volunteer visits CMC and also helps in Bengali follow-up programs. Similarly we have other volunteers who are doing the wonderful ministry of follow-up in about 20 hospitals.

There is tremendous response to the BSI Scripture distribution program in the hospitals. Please pray that God will give us more opportunities to be of service to the patients in these hospitals.  Pray that God will enable BSI to develop new portions of Scripture and follow-up materials in different languages.

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