The Journey of the Gujarati Bible

IMG_9798If you visit the Bible House in Ahmedabad, you can’t miss the special corner where they have treasured the rare editions of the Gujarati Bibles. The journey of the Gujarati Bible is preserved at the Bible House.

The Gujarati Bible was translated as early as in 1823. This was a three volume edition. Recently, the Auxiliary celebrated the 190th anniversary of the Gujarati Bible. The Auxiliary has also completed the New Testament in other minor languages such as Varli, Vasavi, Garasia, Kachi, Chodri, spoken in the state of Gujarat.

I was pleasantly surprised to find even a Gujarati-Greek Diglot Bible published as early as in 1872. What an heritage! The history of the Gujarati Bible surely needs to be remembered, treasured and celebrated.

The Bible house, which houses the BSI Auxiliary in Gujarat, continues to print and distribute the Bible.

The journey of the Gujrati Bible is celebrated. A multi-volume handwritten Bible stands testimony to the love, thanksgiving and gratefulness of the christian faith community in Gujarat!

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