Nagamese New Testament Bible Released


The release of the Nagamese New Testament on the 30th Oct, 2018 is a proud moment for all of us at the Dimapur Auxiliary.

Nagamese is a creole used in Nagaland. It has its origin from the interaction of the hill Naga people with the Indigenous Assamese people in the plains and developed primarily as a market language to communicate for trade.

Nagamese is the preferred form of communication since Nagaland is inhabited by people belonging to different Naga communities speaking languages which are mutually unintelligible.

The various Naga communities have Bibles in their own dialect. However, the Nagamese Bible presents the different Naga communities to read the Bible together and learn in fellowship together.

We hope and pray that the Bible in Nagamese would be a great blessing for the different Naga people to engage in Scripture Engagement together.

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