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Bible Sundays are celebrated in Churches to share about the work of the Bible Society and to mobilise prayer support for the Bible cause. In fact, the BSI Auxiliaries look forward to Bible Sundays to meet with Churches, families and Individuals who stand in support of the Bible Cause! Rev.Rajasekhar, Secretary, Andhra Auxiliary, celebrated the Bible Sunday at the CSI JSM Church, Madanapalli. We thank God for the opportunity to share the Word and also share about the work of the Bible Society


We are also thankful to God for the revival of the Atmakur Branch, Karnool District after a gap of more than a decade. The Branch formally restarted again at a meeting held at the CSI Church in Kurnool on 24 November 2018. We pray that God will bless all the members of the Atmakur Branch and that the branch will grow as God adds numbers to this group. We also thank God for their love for the Bible and the Bible cause!



BSI Allahabad Auxiliary conducted Bible Funshop for Kids. the Bible Funshop is Digital Scripture Engagement program for Kids. Kids learnt how to create Bible content (Vblogs) for Digital platforms.About 40 children from 5 churches attended the Bible Funshop organised by the BSI Allahabad Auxiliary.

We had a great time together reading and learning from the Bible. The theme of the Bible Funshop was THE BIG PICNIC (based on the story of Jesus feeding the 5000). The kids engaged in deep conversations about what we can give to Jesus and how we see what we have multiply and become a blessing to many, if only we can trust Jesus! 


Kids  imaginatively retold the story of the boy who gave his lunch – Five loaves and two fish to Jesus. “The Big Picnic” as one teacher who accompanied the Children said ” was a spiritual journey with fun, laughter and learning”!

Kids were also introduced to popular Digital Bible Tools such as Youversion Kids App, Bible Lens, Guardians of Ancora. We hope and pray that the Digital Natives would engage with God’s word in the Digital format!



I am thankful to God for the opportunity to promote the Bible cause in Kandhamal District. I had the privilege to share God’s word in both Mallikapodi Baptist Church and Nuasahi Baptist Church. I shared about the need to read and engage with God’s Word. There was an overwhelming response from the congregation. Thanking God for the calling to take the Bible closer to people – Ajay Behari, BSI Staff, Odisha Auxiliary.


The BSI Auxiliary in Odisha has made Bibles available at the Baliyatra in Cuttack, Orissa. The Bali Yatra is a huge celebration to commemorate the trade expeditions that used to happen about one thousand years ago. The footfalls at the celebration grounds is around a million. Yes, ONE MILLION. There’s food, fun and festivities all around the venue. Each day, many visit our stall to take a look at the Bibles on display at our stall. Today many seekers visited our Bible stall. Some even read and purchased Bibles. What an opportunity! What a privilege!



The BSI Ranchi Auxiliary had the privilege of taking Bibles to Charid Village. The New GEL Church availed this opportunity and got the Pulpit Bible for their congregation. So happy that the Bible will be read in Church and the congregation will listen to God’s Word read in Charid Village. We pray that the Church would listen to God speak, that God’s Word will be planted deep in their hearts and the Church will experience transformation that the Word brings!

The BSI takes the Bible closer to the people. We thank God for several opportunities to share His Word to His people! Rev. Soma Bhatkar, Secretary, Ranchi Auxiliary had the privilege to share God’s word in NWGEL WOMEN’s CONFERENCE held at Lohardaga from 28th – 30th October 2018. It was an unique opportunity to share the Word to about 3500 women who attended this meeting. Pray that we would be blessed with many more opportunities to plant His Word in the hearts of people!



“ Yesterday, we had the Bible Society of India convention at CSI Church, Parasuvaikkal, Parassala, Trivandrum. It was a blessed event with good participation from priests and laity. Special thanks is due to the Vicar Rev. Holy Garland for the leadership. May God bless all participants of the convention” – K.M George



47211679_2201898026495211_6484723940567547904_oThe BSI NWI Auxiliary successfully conducted the Garden Fete. This is an annual feature that brings together different churches for the Bible cause and is an important event for the Christian community in Delhi. The Fete is a time of fun- food- and fellowship. As usual, this year’s Fete was well attended.

We thank the women of the NWI Auxiliary who played a significant role in the Fete. Interestingly, we had the active participation of second and third generation Bible Society supporters. It was such a joy to see everyone contribute generously towards the Bible cause. We thank God for His grace and pray for God’s blessings on those who support the Bible Cause.



We welcome Rev. John Basy Paul into the BSI family as he joins the BSI Telangana Auxiliary. Rev. John Basy Paul will give leadership to the BSI Telangana work as Auxiliary Secretary. After the installation service at St. George’s Church Abids, Rev. John Basy Paul was inducted at BSI office, Boiguda by Rev. Dr. Mani Chacko, General Secretary of BSI.



Now, you can hear what you have been reading.

The Audio Bible makes God’s Word accessible to many people, particularly the elderly, the sick and also people on the go. Please pray for the distribution of audio Scriptures in many languages.

If you are in need of the audio Bible please contact your nearest BSI Auxiliary.



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