Audio Bible Gifts to Migrant Workers

Church Relations NEWSLTRDEC

Audio Bibles are helpful to oral learners who cannot read and write. Listening to Bible helps them to engage with God’s Word in their concrete life situations.

The Media and Special Audience department had the opportunity to make available 20 Audio Bibles to migrant labourers through Jeeva Rakshaka Church, Bangalore. Besides, Telugu and Tamil audio Bibles, we also gifted 10 Lambadi audio Bibles. The people who received the Lambadi audio Bible were thrilled to hear God’s Word in their heart language for the first time.


All the people who received the audio Bible thanked the Bible Society for the precious gift. It’s an opportunity and privilege to make the Bible accessible to people using technology.

” I am so happy to recieve the audio Bible. I cannot read and write. I need someone to read the Bible for me at their leisure. Now, we can listen to God’s Word anytime”

Selvi received the audio Bible gift with gratitude to God. We thank God for the opportunity to gift Bible Voice to people who are unable to read the Bible.

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