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BSI Day @ the Ecumenical Convention

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Rev.Matthew Skaria, BSI Auxiliary Secretary, Kerala shared the Word on the BSI Day at the Ecumenical Convention, Kattapara, Idukki, Kerala. The Auxiliary also conducted a Bible Exhibition. We thank God for opportunities for the promotion of the Bible cause and Bible advocacy.

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Annual Branch Meetings

The BSI Shillong Auxiliary conducted the Annual Meeting of its Mairang Branch. The meetiing was held at Laitarted Presbyterian church. We thank the Mairang branch for their financial support and prayers for our work. The  Auxiliary also conducted the 47th Annual Meeting of Mawkyrwat Branch at Mawten Presbyterian Church. There was an overwhelming response from the people who gathered in tens and hundreds.

The BSI branches across India, like the Mairang Branch, help the BSI do what we are called to do. Thank you, one and all for the love and support! It’s this love for the Bible and the Bible cause that keeps us going, every day and every year!

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Making Bibles Available for the Visually Challenged

The Bible Society of India Telangana Auxiliary organised a program for the Visually Challenged on 22 nd March 2019 at St. Ann’s Generalate, Tarnaka. Around 30 visually Challenged college going students and few elderly people from the twin cities participated in the program. All of them shared their testimonies and challenges they  face both in church and society. We were challenged by these testimonies. Rev. Winston, Treasurer participated and distributed the Audio Bibles to the Visually Challenged

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Making Bibles Available at the Sora Convention

The BSI Odisha Team enjoyed being at the Sora Convention. It was an ocassion to take the Bible closer to the People and People closer to the Bible. Whisper a prayer as the BSI Odisha Team distributes the Bibles at the convention and that people will begin to love the Bible more and read the Bible more!


‘ I have come to get an ESV bible’ said one visitor to the Bible Exhibition. ” I have come to get a large print Bible for my mother”, said another. “I got a children’s Bible for my daughter”, said a father. We had an overwhelming response to our Chennai Bible Exhibition. Happy to be at the service of those who read God’s Word, love it and live by it. We pray that the Bibles will reach every hand, heart and home!

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The BSI Karnataka Auxiliary conducted a DAY WITH THE BIBLE program in Mangalore. It was our privilege to help people engage with the Bible and an opportunity as well as to introduce the work of the BSI in translation, production, distribution, scripture engagement and advocacy. Our sincere thanks goes to all the Pastors, Christian leaders and BSI supporters who made A DAY with THE BIBLE possible. We are overwhelmed by people’s love for the Bible in Mangalore and the willingness to support the Bible cause!

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Audio Bible Gifts to Migrant Workers

The audio Bibles are helpful to oral learners who cannot read and write. Listening to Bible helps them to engage with God’s Word in their concrete life situations. The Media and Special Audience department had the opportunity to make available 20 Audio Bibles to migrant labourers through Jeeva Rakshaka Church, Bangalore.

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The BSI Karnataka Auxiliary received one of the collection boxes today. There was Rs.2002 in all as coins and notes. It is a trickle. But, every little helps. Just when we finished counting the many coins and notes, we received a gift cheque from a women’s fellowship. It was a splash. We need the ‘trickles’ and the ‘splashes’ to make the Bibles available to the many who need it.

It’s the ardent support, sincere prayers and sacrificial giving that helps us to do what we are called to do – Bible Translation ÷ Distribution and Engagenent. Many hundreds and thousands of supporters across India contribute generously towards the Bible cause. These people are the wind beneath the sails. We are thankful to each one of them.

We need a network of supporters to stand with us. You can be partner with us. Find out how To know more about the BSI visit




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    Please include News of Gujarat Auxiliary also. Thanks for sending the news letter. I am an Executive Committee Member of Gujarat Auxiliary.


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