Does COVID-19 teach us anything?

Does COVID-19 teach us anything?

In the past few months, the Coronavirus  disease (COVID-19) has spread through out the whole world affecting almost all  countries, societies, and health systems. It  has brought disturbances in varying spheres  of our social, political, or economical  lives. It is also intruding into our spiritual  domain. Spirituality is the foundation of  human existence and it is that aspect of  humanity that refers to the way individuals  seek and experience their connectedness to  the moment, to self, to other, to nature, and  to the Almighty. Despite the uncertainty  and discomfort due to COVID-19, here are  the remedies from the Bible that will bring  comfort to our lives.

COVID-19 creates a worldwide threat but  reminds us as a global community that  there needs to be a course of correction to  the world order. It has heavily disturbed  and the creation needs REST:

Activities in the name of development and  civilization have caused the creation to  groan; The expression of pain comes in the  form of Cyclones, Tsunamis, Earthquakes,  and Unexplainable Diseases. Respecting  the land and resting it is often a picture  portrayed in the scripture.

The LORD said to his people: 

After you enter the land that I am  giving you, the land must be allowed  to rest one year out of every seven.  You may raise grain and grapes for  six years, but the seventh year you  must let your fields and vineyards rest  in honour of me, your LORD. This is  to be a time of complete rest for your  fields and vineyards, so don’t harvest  anything they produce. However,  you and your slaves and your hired  workers, as well as any domestic or  wild animals, may eat whatever grows  on its own.

COVID-19 demands Physical distancing  but requires unified divine action

Covid-19 has created restrictions on  travel, tours, social gatherings, public  functions, and people are urged to follow  basic hygiene, not to meet others or  to maintain distance when they meet.  Though the regulations are meant for  good reasons, we found it to be painful.  Still, this current situation also unites  people in an emotional and spiritual  sense by providing divine touch. Here  is a divine miracle that Jesus performed  during his ministry through extending  his divine touch. 

One day a man full of leprosy came to  Jesus. He fell down and begged him,  “Lord if you will, you can make me  clean”. Then, Jesus stretched out his  hand and touched him saying “I will;  be clean”. Immediately the leprosy  left him.

(Leprosy was considered to be an  untouchable/unclean disease among the  Jews). When the world demands physical  distancing, Jesus in person with love,  compassion and solidarity connecting  with everyone through his divine touch.  People affected with COVID-19 require  such healing touch.

COVID-19 attacks human beings but it  stirs up humanity as well

COVID-19 is a threat to human life.  People are crying for compassion,  kindness, sympathy and care. Today many  good-hearted people are coming forward  to provide sanitizers, masks, groceries,  medical aids, and necessary requirements  to the people who are in need. The health  workers (including nurses), cleaners or  delivery men and women are working  hard to help the people and they receive  due recognition, respect and honors. On  the other hand, there are people trying to 

capitalize on the emergency to make huge  profits and want to get public recognition.  In contrast, the Lord Jesus taught his  followers to help who is in need, but not  to show up openly. 

A Lawyer asked Jesus, “Who are my  neighbors?”  

Jesus replied: A man was going down  from Jerusalem to Jericho, robbers  attacked him and grabbed everything  he had. They beat him up and ran off,  leaving him half dead. A priest happened  to be going down the same road. But  when he saw the man, he walked by on  the other side. Later a temple helper  came to the same place. But when he saw  the man who had been beaten up, he also  went by on the other side. A man from  Samaria (outcast) then came travelling  along that road. When he saw the man,  he felt sorry for him and went over to  him. He treated his wounds with olive  oil and wine and bandaged them. Then  he put him on his own donkey and took  him to an inn, where he took care of him.  The next morning, he gave the innkeeper  two silver coins and said, “Please take  care of the man. If you spend more  than this on him, I will pay you when  I return”. Then Jesus asked, “Which  one of these three people was a real  neighbor to the man who was beaten  up by robbers?” The teacher answered,  “The one who showed pity”. Jesus said,  “Go and do the same!” 

COVID-19 threats religious freedom  but kindles faith  

Human beings seek God in prayer when they are in crisis. Unfortunately, religious  places are closed. People are asked to  pray at home and be safe. When Israelites  were taken into exile as captives, they  lost their religious freedom in the foreign  land so they cried: (Their temple was in  Jerusalem)

Beside the rivers of Babylon we thought  about Jerusalem, and we sat down and  cried. We hung our small harps on the  willow trees. Our enemies had brought  us here as their prisoners, and now they  wanted us to sing and entertain them.  They insulted us and shouted, “Sing about  Zion!” Here in a foreign land, how can  we sing about the LORD? Jerusalem, if I  forget you, let my right hand go limp. Let  my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth, if  I don’t think about you above all else.

COVID-19 also teaches us that God  watches over us

Don’t worry about having something to  eat, drink, or wear. Isn’t life more than  food or clothing? Look at the birds in the  sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They  don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your  Father in heaven takes care of them.  Aren’t you worth more than birds? Can  worry make you live longer? Why worry 

about clothes? Look how the wild flowers  grow. They don’t work hard to make their  clothes. But I tell you that not even king  Solomon with all his wealth wasn’t as  well clothed as one of them. God gives  such beauty to everything that grows in  the fields, even though it is here today  and thrown into a fire tomorrow. He will  surely do even more for you! Why do you  have such little faith? Don’t worry and ask  yourselves, “Will we have anything to eat?  Will we have anything to drink? Will we  have any clothes to wear?” Only people  who don’t know God are always worrying  about such things. Your Father in heaven  knows that you need all these. But more  than anything else, put God’s work first  and do what he wants. Then the other  things will be yours as well. Don’t worry  about tomorrow. It will take care of itself.  You have enough to worry about today.

The above Scripture passages are from:  Levitius 25:4-7; Matthew 8:1-4;  

Luke 10:30-37; Psalms 137; Matthew 6:25-34.

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