July 3rd is the traditionally observed as the martyrdom day of Apostle St. Thomas, Apostle of India, and disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, who arrived in India in 52 AD and was martyred near Chennai in 72 AD.  On this day we celebrate the person and message of Lord Jesus Christ that was brought first to India in 52 AD by St. Thomas the Apostle, and many Missionaries subsequently.
The Bible Society of India observed Indian Christian Day on July 2nd, 2021.  All the BSI Offices across the nation along with Church leaders and prayer partners attended virtually.  Six Auxiliaries namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Allahabad, Ranchi and Dimapur told the stories of the missionaries and their contributions to Indian Nation.

Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko, General Secretary BSI added flavour to the day by speaking about the importance of celebration, Commemoration and Commission from the life of apostle Thomas.

Rev. Dr. E. D. Rajasingh Elias, General Secretary, Indian Evangelical Mission was the guest speaker.  He spoke about the life of St. Thomas who made some outstanding statements in different contexts from the Scripture.

It was a blessing to all of us.

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