Death of our dear colleagues and their immediate family members was emotionally and psychologically stressful.  The General Secretary Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko initiated the thought of organizing a Memorial Service to help the bereaving family to cope with the loss of their dear ones.

A Service of Thanksgiving for the lives of BSI Staff and the immediate family members who have gone to be with the Lord recently was organized on July 29, 2021 virtually. Staff across the nation and the family members of the deceased attended the service virtually.

The Church Relations and Resource Mobilization Department prepared the order of service for the occasion with a heavy heart. Truly it was an emotional time to pay tributes to 9 of our colleagues and 16 immediate family members of the staff.

Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko brought out three outstanding and profound elements when he spoke on the theme “Theology of Death,”  Quoting from Job 1:20-21: 

1. Nothingness of life

2. Sanctity of life

3. Approach to life and death

The last statement of Job, “Let the Name of the Lord be praised” gives us hope to have creative approach to life and death as Job adapted to see life creatively.  

The concerned Auxiliary Secretaries paid tributes to the following staff who have gone to be with the Lord in recent times:

1.Mr. Larence Pradhan

2.Mr. Prem Ratan M

3.Mr. HmingthanzualaRalte

4.Mr. Lawrence Deodass

5.Mr. Biswajit Rabha

6.Mrs. Vandana Maben

7.Mr. P. Devanand Kumar

8.Ms. Namitha Das

9.Mr. Sandey Dennis

A special prayer was offered to all the bereaving families of the staff of BSI whose dear ones have gone to be with the Lord.

Mrs. Mariamma JohnMotherMr. John Timothy
Ms. AncyDaughterLate. Mr. LarenceDeodass
Mrs. Kushal SinghMotherMr. Ravi Singh
Mrs. Ulka Sunil PawarSpouseMr. Sunil Pawar
Mr. BinkasFatherMrs. Poonam Ekka
Mr. Enosh John TopnoSpouse
Mrs. A Mercy SuganthiMotherMr. Rowland Joshua
Mr. Kingston JFatherMr. Ravi Kiran 
Rev. J. Jeremiah AndersonSpouseDr.HrangthanChhungi
Rev. John MagimainathanFatherMrs. Anitha Margaret
Mr. Vinod WashingtonFatherMr. Varun Washington
Mr. Gladson Maben Spouse Late. Mrs. Vandana Maben 
Mr. D. Nischaya RaoFatherMr. Neeraj Avinash
Mr. PadmarajFatherMrs. Renita Kiran
Mrs. Sarammma Varughese SisterMr. V. C. Thomas
Mr. A. NatarajanFatherRev. Dr. N. Subramani

The entire service was very meaningful and comforting to those who are grieving the loss of their dear ones.  

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